We think differently and are not afraid to innovate.

Our investment approach

We understand the uniqueness of our asset class, which demonstrates equity-like, bond-like and real estate-like characteristics.

We have a deep understanding of these characteristics and of the underlying real estate assets of the stocks that we invest in. This enables us to offer a tailored approach to analysis and research to our clients.

Investment philosophy

Central to what we do are our core beliefs that guide our decision-making process and how we construct and manage our portfolios.


REITs Are Real Estate

REITs are correlated to stocks in the short-term but over the medium to long-term, they perform like real estate.


Mispricings Do Occur

The nature of the listed market leads to divergences between stock prices and intrinsic value but significant discounts to intrinsic value do not happen often.


Focus On Fundamental Analysis

Prioritize on-the-ground research and detailed asset-level analysis. Develop and maintain proprietary financial models specific to Global REITs.


Technology as a Central Tool

PropTech platform developed over nearly two decades. Deep analysis of valuation and historical trends to identify mis-pricings.



While we initially started out with our Concentrated Strategy as our core offering to investors, throughout the years we have added tailored solutions to our roster that aim to meet specific client needs and outcomes.

High conviction, best ideas strategy, focused on real estate securities in developed and emerging markets. Benchmark aware with alpha generation as key objective.


  • Benchmark aware
  • Alpha generation
  • High conviction
  • 30-40 securities

Real estate securities strategy with a primary focus on income returns derived from high quality rental assets. Strategy emphasis on sustainable and growing streams of income.


  • Benchmark unaware
  • Focus on sustainable and growing yields
  • 60-70 securities

An extension of the Yield Strategy, focusing on similar income characteristics, with the addition of an ESG screening process aiming to eliminate poor ESG performers from the investment universe. Also incorporates the use of options to enhance yield and lower volatility.


  • Benchmark unaware
  • Focus on sustainable and growing yields
  • Managed volatility using options
  • Positive ESG screens
  • 60-70 securities

for investment advisors

Slate Securities

Slate Securities is a trade name for Presima’s platform for Canadian investment advisors and accredited investors, specializing in public and private real estate markets.

By partnering with Slate Asset Management, a global alternative asset manager with a proven track record, we are able to gain unique insights in real estate investing, to appreciate the nuances of investing in both public and private markets and to access deal flow.

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How We Are Different

Real Estate Specialists

We invest across all major real estate asset classes.


Proprietary Access

We have access to Slate Asset Management’s private funds.


Informational Edge

We operate within a highly successful institutional real estate manager, leveraging Slate’s collective private markets knowledge and Presima’s expertise and proprietary research.

The Slate Securities Real Estate Performance Trust is a value oriented real estate focused fund that provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of real estate businesses by investing in both public and private real estate securities.

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We believe in a smart, responsible investing.

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